Submit us clean looking unedited footage of your TrainHorn™ and we will refund the horn(s) in that video!

The quality we are looking for:
  • 1080p or better video quality
  • Recorded in a well lit/nice background area
  • Clean vehicle and well visible horn, proper installation (no zip ties)
  • Clear and stable image
  • If you use mobile: Please record it so that video is in landscape mode —recorded horizontally (video width is greater than height).
Record us 2 of these clips and get a 100% refund:
  1. Full horn installation/mounting clip.
    Put your phone/camera on a stable surface, facing you and your vehicle at an angle where you don't block the camera. Make a continuous shot — record all of the installation process.
  2. Horn demonstration clip.
    Use different angle to first clip and demonstrate the horn by activating it. Try to not stand in front of the horn and try to fit your vehicle fully to video.
  3. Slow drive-by clip in nice/interesting background setting.
    Make a nice looking clip(s) where you are driving by and using the horn. Good background helps.
  4. Random bonus clip.
    Be creative and record us a bonus clip on your own preference. Anything that is different to previous footage.

    If you submit us 2 of these clips, we will do a 100% refund on your horn cost. We will also refund 50% if you want to send us just 1 of those clips.

    Once you have your footage recorded, this is the best way to send it to us:
    1. Go to:
    2. Select: Start your free trial
    3. Enter name, email, password there (you can put random ones, there is no confirmation).
    4. Click: Add files
    5. Select your footage files and choose send as email to