Our team answers to all emails within 24 hours, however most questions tend to repeat. Please see if your question is answered here, this way you don't have to wait for our email response time:
Where is my order?

Our average delivery time within the States is 5-12 business days after processing your order. International orders can take 10-30 business days, international delivery time highly depends on your location. You can track your order here: https://www.motohorn.com/tracking.

I can't find my order confirmation email, can you help me?

Please send us your order name and email address, we can then resend you the order confirmation email.

I paid for priority shipping, why is it taking so long?

Priority & Insured Shipping (Get ahead in order line) only gets you faster order processing, this is the time between placing the order and shipping it out. We only offer this option when we are under a heavy amount of orders, this does not affect the delivery time after your order has been shipped out.

Where can I find my order number?

You can find it in the order confirmation email, our order numbers are similar to #MH119876.

Please note that if your order number doesn't start with #MH, and wasn't emailed from MotoHorn (support@motohorn.com), then this is a different website order. Unfortunately there are multiple pages that copy our work and send lower quality items/scam their customers.

My horn isn't louder than my stock horn/compressor isn't working properly, what should I do?

The most common reason for weak loudness/compressor not working properly, is improper/thin wiring or a bad connection. Your compressor needs 15-20 amps of current and should be wired with at least 12 gauge wire.

Please test it out straight on a battery with some 12 gauge wire to see if it works. If the issue still persists, then please send us a video. We can then forward it to the warehouse for a free replacement unit.

Where can I find a user manual?

Please follow this link for TrainHorn™ user manual: https://www.motohorn.com/trainhornmanual.
And this link for MotoHorn™ user manual: https://www.motohorn.com/motohornmanual.

My horn seems to be missing wiring?

We don’t include any wiring because it's a vehicle specific job and requires custom installation. Unfortunately no universal wiring kit could be made to satisfy all the customers and wiring methods. We've also included the complete list of package contents on the product page.

The installation process is fairly easy and everything you need is listed in the user manual. You can get those parts for cheap in any local automotive/hardware store — we recommend using 12 gauge thick wiring as the compressor requires 15-20 amps of current to operate efficiently.

If there is something else we can help you out with, please contact us via this link: