Product: 139 dB Dual Tone Compact Horn
For Motorcycles, ATVs, Cars, Trucks and any other 12V power supply vehicles
Package Includes:
 Horn with the Compressor, Relay, Wiring kit, extra Button, Mounting Bolt, Metal Bracket
Working voltage:
Working current:

Compact Horn

Before the installation:
  1. Please strictly follow the instructions while installing the horn.
  2. Power off your vehicle before the installation.
  3. (Optional) Disconnect the old horn wires before the installation.
  4. In order to minimize voltage loss, make the wires as short as you can.
  5. In order to make the horn work efficiently, use the provided wiring or at least 12 gauge thick wiring.
  6. Make sure the air outlet has free airflow and isn’t blocked. This guarantees maximum loudness.
  7. Keep the horn away from direct heat and components that produce a lot of heat.
  8. (Optional) We suggest mounting the horn pointing townwards, this way water won’t block the horn air outlet.

Compact Horn Installation

How to install (as shown in the pictures below):
  1. Bolt the air compressor and the horn to the place you want to install it to.
  2. Do the wiring. The positive side of the air compressor connects to the “+” side of the power, the negative side of the air compressor connects to the “-” side of the power.
  3. Please refer to the wiring diagram below on how to connect the wiring.
    How to wire your compact horn:

    Compact Horn Wiring

    The Compact Horn comes with all the wiring needed. At most you will need some extra 12 gauge wire if you want to make the wires longer.

    1. Connect the relay with the relay connector.
    2. Connect the red (30) wire to your battery “+”, the fuse is already installed on this wire.
    3. Connect the black (85) wire to your battery “-”. Or you can also connect it to your vehicle chassis to ground it.
    4. Connect the white (86) wire to your stock or new horn button (yellow/red wire on the new button). If you use the new button, connect the other end of the button to your battery “+”.
    5. Connect the yellow (87) wire to air compressor “+”.
    6. Connect the air compressor “-” to ground or battery “-”, you can use the provided additional wire (black).

    Congratulations! Your horn is now ready to use!

    1. Don’t let water directly get into the horn while washing your vehicle. If it did, do not use your horn and dry it by using an air blower. Suggestion: when installing the horn, tilt it downwards to prevent this from happening.
    2. To extend the horn compressor life, please do not honk frequently for a very long periods of time.
    3. Remember: professional work is always better and safer than doing it on your own. If there is anything wrong with it, we suggest using professional service.

      Here is a link to a YouTube video that explains relay and connections really well, this video is not ours and is for learning purpose: