MotoHorn is an online company which focuses on developing new innovative horn systems for motorcycles, cars, pickup trucks and other vehicles. Our aim is to change the horn standard and offer new systems that outperform the old designs.

MotoHorn™ and TrainHorn™ is our most up-to-date release and we are constantly improving it. Our horn design is the only upgradable and universal system on the market. Meaning, MotoHorn™ and TrainHorn™ can be installed on all vehicles that use 12-volt batteries. The versatile wide range of use allows this horn to upgrade most factory horns to much louder horn units, while keeping the factory setup. MotoHorn™ is also currently the only trumpet air compressor horn system out there for motorcycles. It is up to 3 times louder than most standard motorcycle factory horns.

MotoHorn™ and TrainHorn™

We aim to keep our price competitive and allow you to choose your own setup. With TrainHorn™ you can select your own trumpet count and build your desired system. Each of our horns comes with its own compressor and all of them can be installed under the same horn button  you can activate them simultaneously. For example, 5 TrainHorns™ on a pickup truck would be cheaper, more energy efficient, and would take less space than any other standard air tank system, while offering similar loudness.

MotoHorn TrainHorn™

You can expect a lot from the MotoHorn team:

We understand the importance of getting it right the first time, this is why we consistently test our horns to ensure you receive only the best quality. You can also count on us for our expertise and responsiveness, our company offers:

  • Customer support that answers to all emails within 24 hours
  • Tracking numbers on all orders
  • Automatic emails with order status and shipping updates
  • Carefully selected shipping methods that are free with delivery guarantee
  • Presence on Facebook & Instagram with the option to contact us there

If you have any questions at all, we are always here and available for you. Our aim is to make your journey safer with MotoHorn™ and TrainHorn™ horns. A happy customer is part of our business and we always prioritize our customers above anything else.

-MotoHorn's Team.

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