Trendrun is an online company run by a team of enthusiastic people who focus developing new innovative horn systems. Our aim is to change the standard horn design and offer new systems that outperform the old designs.

You can expect a lot from our company:

Not only will we bring you the best possible horns on the market, but we make sure you only receive quality items accompanied by good customer service. We value our customers and shopping with us has many benefits:

  • Customer support that answers to all emails within 24 hours
  • Tracking numbers for all orders
  • Automatic emails with order status and shipping updates
  • Presence on social media channels with option to chat with us
  • Including best shipping methods that are free with money back guarantee

Trendrun Warehouse

    Why our horns are better than any other currently on the market:

    Our horn design is the only upgradable and universal system on the market. It can be installed on all 12V system vehicles and there is no other horn that has this wide range of use. Our price is also extremely competitive and allows you to choose your setup  it is possible to install as many Trendrun horns as you wish on your vehicle. Unlike air tank systems, our horn is easy to install and requires very little to no knowledge of vehicle electrics. We have also designed an extremely high speed compressor that manages to handle up to 20 amps of current. Each of our horn comes with the compressor and this allows you to adjust the output and size of your newly built Trendrun horn system. There is simply no horn that can compete with ours in this price range.

    ...A high value to you!

    Our team is constantly out there for you, we prioritize our customers’ wishes and interests to bring you one of the most reliable horn systems out there. Many of our customers have also left us great feedback and we are more than thankful to all of you! View our customer feedback. Our brand has started big and hopefully the growth continues, we hope to see our horn systems on many vehicles yet to come!

    -Trendrun's Team.


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